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Easy Eye-Wellness was created to meet the needs of students and office-workers whose daily duties require an intense usage of electronic devices.

People range from different workforces or schools all face a problem: Limited time to balance between physical wellness and high-quality performance. 

By applying our user-friendly products, you are guaranteed to experience the benefits of being more productive and efficient when the potential harm produced by the screen is alleviated!

Having to manage every daily task on her laptop, Anne sometimes found it difficult to concentrate and achieve optimal performance after long screen time. After realizing the harmful penetration of blue light to human’s retina and the flack of awareness and easy access to the relief of eye-fatigue, it was the inception of


Easy-Eye Wellness!



Determined to solve a practical need of her peers and students in the community, Anne was chosen as one of the  Summer Company Grant Recipient held by the Municipality of Halton Region.


She was given the opportunity to pitch her idea in front of the town council members and other industry professionals.

 Throughout the program, hands-on business operation mentoring is provided by various professionals such as the Royal Bank of Canada and the Business Development Bank of Canada. So don't worry, you ARE in good hands with our products!